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Hey, if everyone's annoying u with questions then u cld turn off questions to stop it maybe if that's what u want 😘😘

Hey, I know, you’re right. I’m kinda bored of all these and realized it won’t be enough, turning off the questions. But the reason is my laptop having a mental breakdown and I couldn’t turn them off on the phone anyway 😐🙋

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I will really miss your blog if you leave (but I totally understand why you want to), you're one of my favourites <3

Thanks dear xx

Sighh this&#8217;s literally emotional when it comes from the fave people haha! But I&#8217;m really bored and realized switching off the anon asks won&#8217;t change it. So I&#8217;ll get some space ;-)
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Tumblr you must be kidding with all these rude annons. Idk what the hell happened to am fandom, all you care about alex and his love life and this makes me sick. You don’t even care about the music or the other members’ contribution. This becoming a pathetic obsession which I don’t want to be in the middle of this nonsense at all. Poor alex, I understand why he’s become this far to the fans.
I don’t think I’ll be around anylonger, this’s not blogging anymore, all I do making teenagers calm down for their sick obsession to alex. I don’t even enjoy the music Iike I used to.
Idk if I’ll be coming back or not, I’m just really done of this and need to remember how I admired their music. Not alex’s muscle.


SUNY Geneseo
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Jamie Cook, Matt Helders Nick O’Malley from @ArcticMonkeys

Omg no matter how many of Alexas make-up tutorials i watch, i can never get my eyes to have the perfect cat eye like Alexa! Its sooo annoying lol urgh... Have you also been trying for this look? How has it been going for you? :)

I’m so lazy to try properly to get the perfect cat eye line lol. And don’t have an eyeko. It’s perfect for her but I know I’ll never get the look of hers level sigh. At least I get my inspiration from, like everything she styles .)

Alexa Chung for Eyeko with Lisa Eldridge

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U rock

So have you got the guts?
Been wondering if your heart’s still open and if so I wanna know what time it shuts


Alexa in Nick’s flat 14/4/14
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Oh. my. fucking. god.

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We just ran I to them. Best moment of my life
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Opaque  by  andbamnan